Chanson de l'Ange
Chanson de l'Ange
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I was privileged to be interviewed on the Blog Talk Radio AllThingsPhantom program in January. My interview is archived on the site a long with many interesting and talented artists, performers and authors. Please use the 'widget' below to listen to my interview. Just click the 'play' arrow on the featured audio.

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Chanson Aria Video

This video features an original aria composed and performed by Paisley Swan Stewart and orchestrated by Nathan Allen Pinard



"There are not enough words to describe the joy, passion, and excitement your story brings to my life. Being Sixteen, there isn’t much in the world that can fill a girl’s longing for love and romance; your story is an exception."

"Swan, darling, you are truly a gifted writer. Seriously, please add my name to that growing list of hardback book orders of your published story, with your autograph as well. I check back often for updates, and would love to read of Erik and Christine living that happily ever after dream."

"I’ve read hundreds of romantic novels from many other exceptional authors too- but I can say without hesitation that your work is as deeply moving, profoundly perceptive, professionally executed, and invested with such honesty and genuine, heartfelt sympathy and warmth, as any of the ‘best’ bestselling novels I have read."

ALBUM RELEASE: The Angel’s Song available for purchase!

Immortal Aria’s debut album “The Angel’s Song” is finally available for purchase! After many years we are happy to announce that “The Angel’s Song” is now available! Immortal Aria thanks you for your support, and hopes to create more great works like this in the future!

Available at these retailers!

    bandcamp cdbabyitunesamazongoogleplay
Google Play

*Provides DRM free lossless files (MP320/FLAC)


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Celebrating Release of ‘The Angel’s Song’ CD

© Bonnie Anne Pinard?
Greetings fans and friends,
Before my husband’s dementia–our home was never happier than when creative projects were in the air. That is why my heart was broken yesterday, when, as my son Nathan and I were discussing and working on “The Angel’s Song” our first CD of original music under the IMMORTAL ARIA band name; my husband became very agitated and dropped his head back against the chair as careworn tears streaked his face.
The tears were because he can no longer truly participate as he once would have. Mine and Nathan’s discussions, our excitement and energy did not inspire him. Quite the opposite. He found our planning and plotting to be overwhelming and he felt left out. I turned my head so that neither he or Nathan would see my own tears.
Though my husband is present in body, in times like this it feels like the wonderful man who has always supported and encouraged Nathan and me in our creative interests, is missing. I strive to keep him informed, ask his opinions, assure him that he is part of all that we do, but he perceives moments like these as another of life’s pressures that he cannot contend with.
Nevertheless, when this CD is released, please know that my husband is directly responsible for any success Nathan and I might achieve. Bill made the decision back in 2006 to purchase everything Nathan needed to create his own music production studio, investing 20,000.00 of his own inheritance from his mother’s estate, so that Nathan would have the best equipment and software available at that time.
There were so many other projects Bill might have used that money for, but he believed with all his heart that music was IN Nathan Allen Pinard, and that music was Nathan’s best chance for a good life.
My husband tells the story of how one evening (would have been 24 years ago) when our church group was meeting in the fellowship hall, Bill wandered into the empty sanctuary to discover Nathan (13 at the time) sitting at the grand piano with his fingers stretched across the keyboard. Bill said he wasn’t actually playing, just sitting, contemplating. Bill recounts that Nathan then slowly began to improvise a song. Nathan never knew his dad was there listening. Bill quietly slipped out, came back to the fellowship hall where I was, and told me what he had seen, and that he believed Nathan had a special gift. Prior to that evening, Nathan played the clarinet in the school band, but had never expressed an interest in composing.
A week or so later, Bill took Nathan to a music store and bought him his very first keyboard. And the rest, as they say, is history!
You may now pre-order Immortal Aria’s first CD at: ?
We will be celebrating the CD release on our FB music page Friday May 6 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM.  Join us here:
Pic below: Nathan and his dad at pianist and composer, Jennifer Thomas‘ Christmas Concert last year in Seattle
Last Updated on Friday, 6 May 2016 10:26

“The Angel’s Song” Now Available for Pre-order!


Pre-order now at

Nathan Allen Pinard, sick and Bonnie Anne Pinard, for sale are the mother-son team behind Immortal Aria. The Angel’s Song (translated from the French, Chanson de l’Ange), is the first production undertaken by IMMORTAL ARIA: A CD of original music inspired by the novel of the same name. The Angel’s Song, deftly combines Classical Crossover, Pop and atmospheric musical stylings to produce a uniquely transportive, cinematic listening experience.

Nathan Allen Pinard, has won acclaim as composer for video game soundtracks, Gemini Rue and Technobabylon. Bonnie Anne Pinard, is a classically trained vocalist, novelist and songwriter; whose popular novel series Chanson de l’Ange, is penned under Paisley Swan Stewart.

In the year 2005 when Paisley Swan Stewart, (aka: Bonnie Anne Pinard), began writing Chanson de l’Ange, her Phantom of the Opera, inspired novel series, she penned pseudo song lyrics to enrich the opera scenes depicted throughout her story. She then composed a soaring melody for the first of these, the Chanson de l’Ange aria. At the time, her son, composer Nathan Allen Pinard, was recovering from a critical illness that had derailed his music career for over two years. As his mom, Bonnie Anne was hopeful that investing his energy in music again would revitalize her son’s emotional and physical health, so she asked him to compose an orchestral accompaniment. Nathan Allen Pinard, took up the challenge and the previously dark, silent studio once again resounded with music, resulting in The Angel’s Song, a ten track album of original vocal and orchestral music, drawn from the pages of Paisley’s epic novel series.

The Angel’s Song is available for preorder at

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 April 2016 11:52

Many Changes

Aria Nightingale2

Bonnie Anne dressed up as Aria Nightingale, a Renaissance fair fairy.

Greetings fans and friends,

I know it has been a very long time since I posted anything on this site.  In fact, I have been thinking about shutting it down, given that the focus of my life has changed drastically.  I have neglected those of you who at one time did follow my writings here, but real life is now my priority.

My husband is in the mild-moderate stage of Alzheimer’s disease, and although he is still very much present and with me–he does require my care and attention most of the time.  In addition to being his full-time caregiver, I have been fighting severe anxiety and depression for the past 3 years.  When everything started to spin out of control over the last few months, I decided it was time to seek professional help and I am currently taking prescription medication for the condition.

I continue to find outlets for my creativity on a limited basis, but my writing is now focused on a blog where I journal my husband’s experiences and thoughts, and write from my point of view as his caregiver and wife.  I had hoped to follow through with the new novel I started working on a couple of years ago, but I find it very difficult to concentrate my limited energy on such a large undertaking.  For now that novel is on the shelf.

There are no updates about Chanson de l’Ange, which is still available through Amazon, Kindle and other booksellers.  Book sales continue to surprise me and are easing the financial strain of life changes.

Nathan and I are still working on the Chanson CD as time and energy allow.  In addition to his full time job, Nathan has been very busy scoring and doing sound design for a video game. He expects to get back to work on the Chanson CD after the video game launches on May 21.

I think fondly of those that have followed me from the beginning and look forward to sharing the CD release announcement here when the time comes.  Meanwhile, I offer my thanks to all who have purchased and loved my Chanson de l’Ange series.

I share a photo of myself dressed as a fairy for a Renaissance fair last Summer.  This is something I do for myself as an escape from troubled times. We could all use a little fairy dust in times like these, so consider yourself fairy-dusted!

The Lord Jesus Bless you all,Bonnie Anne

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Phantom of the Opera: Animated Full Length Feature!

1149653_610336792386394_1511542587_oGreetings Phantom of the Opera fans!

First off, I’m pleased to announce that Book One of my 3 part Phantom of the Opera based novel series is now available for  FREE Kindle download: April 8-12, so be sure and get yours today!

Free on Kindle: Book One~Orphan in Winter

As a longtime fan of The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, and as a lover of many other Phantom of the Opera adaptations in book, film, and stage-I am always excited when new Phantom of the Opera-based projects arrive on the scene!  I’m especially excited when these projects are conceptualized by independent artists who possess the talent and courage to breathe new life into my favorite story.

I am excited to inform you about an “in development” Phantom of the Opera project I recently became aware of.  A talented group of animators are working on a full-length animated adaptation of the Gaston Leroux’s classic.  The animators are promising to create a Leroux accurate animated film, and are eager to please the fans in remaining faithful to Leroux in all aspects of the beloved novel: character development, facial features, clothing, the selection of voice actors, as well as the artwork and storyline.

The production team is asking for your feedback and YOUR financial commitment through their Kickstarter campaign, where fans may pledge their financial support and submit  suggestions, as they become partners in getting this production to the big screen!  Like all independent filmmakers, the artists behind this film are not being backed by a large studio, so they require the help of supporters to develop and promote this ambitious and visionary project.

Please take a look at the beautifully put together Kickstarter page for more detailed information about how YOU can get involved!

Animated Phantom of the Opera Kickstarter

The Phantom Animated Website

You must take a look at their beautiful film trailer!  Leave a comment and ‘like’ the video on the youtube page to help spread the word:

Samples of artwork :





















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