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I was privileged to be interviewed on the Blog Talk Radio AllThingsPhantom program in January. My interview is archived on the site a long with many interesting and talented artists, performers and authors. Please use the 'widget' below to listen to my interview. Just click the 'play' arrow on the featured audio.

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"There are not enough words to describe the joy, passion, and excitement your story brings to my life. Being Sixteen, there isn’t much in the world that can fill a girl’s longing for love and romance; your story is an exception."

"Swan, darling, you are truly a gifted writer. Seriously, please add my name to that growing list of hardback book orders of your published story, with your autograph as well. I check back often for updates, and would love to read of Erik and Christine living that happily ever after dream."

"I’ve read hundreds of romantic novels from many other exceptional authors too- but I can say without hesitation that your work is as deeply moving, profoundly perceptive, professionally executed, and invested with such honesty and genuine, heartfelt sympathy and warmth, as any of the ‘best’ bestselling novels I have read."

ALBUM RELEASE: The Angel’s Song available for purchase!

Immortal Aria’s debut album “The Angel’s Song” is finally available for purchase! After many years we are happy to announce that “The Angel’s Song” is now available! Immortal Aria thanks you for your support, and hopes to create more great works like this in the future!

Available at these retailers!

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*Provides DRM free lossless files (MP320/FLAC)


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