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America’s Got Talent! Jackie Evancho

Greetings fans and friends!  Be sure and tune into America’s Got Talent tomorrow night: Tuesday August 31st, where Jackie Evancho (my perfect 10 year old Christine) will perform in the semi finals.  The show is on from  8:00-10:00 PT on NBC.  I can’t wait to hear her again, and I’m very curious about her song choice.

I am currently ripping apart the opera scene in Book Two of Chanson de l’Ange, The Angel’s Song.  After working for weeks on the revisions, I decided that the scene was simply dragging too much, so RIIIIP…Snip…Chop chop chop!

To be honest, it is much more nerve racking working on Book Two than it was Book One.  The ending of a story is of the utmost importance, and I do not want to screw this up!  By tomorrow I’ll be finished with the revision process in my PAGES format.  Next comes printing out the manuscript and going painstakingly through it with my red pen.  Lord, I wish I had an editor!

Okay, so back I go to the opera!

(I leave you with this)


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