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A “Phan’s” Comment About Chanson de l’Ange
September 16 at 10:52am

Hi Bonnie,
I am sending this message to your private inbox but you’re welcome to use or post my comments in any way you wish!

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I first came to be a “Phan” just 2 years ago when I saw the Vegas production of Phantom. I was blown away by the beauty, the music, the splendor, and lovely story told in the show. I was immediately drawn to the movie with Gerard and Emmy, the sound track, as well the the original Lon Chaney movie and Leroux’s book. For some reason, I was never drawn to all the other spin off novels and stories – I seemed to consider the others mentioned “purer” forms. I am going back to see Phantom in Vegas for the 3rd time this Nov – I am now hooked and a true Phan.

When your book was recommened to me, I took a look on line and was intrigued. Upon reading it, I have to say that it surpassed all of my expectations! What I was concerned would happen, and what I think would be so easy to do, is somone writing a sappy love story to fullfill their own Erik fantasies and make him the perfect man instead of the conflicted man he was meant to be. Thank you so much for making him realistic, making him the Erik he was intended to be, not just the EriK of our fantasies we might have preferred. Your story captivated and lulled me in from the start – it was like getting an intimate view into the lives of the characters we have grwon to know so well – it was never a “spin” on Phantom – but a gift of allowing me to grow even closer to those portrayed. I am so looking forward to the next book. Congratulations on your tremendous success with this. I could not have been happier with your work which has honored the PTO story.

Best wishes,
Erin Stangel

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