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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Greetings fans and friends!  I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all every blessing and hope for this Christmas season and the year to come.  At the moment I am taking a break from revisions and I’m doing what everyone else is doing!  I’ve been decorating, shopping, cleaning and trying to focus all my energies on my family and loved ones.  This has perhaps been the most challenging year so far in my life, but somehow despite the very real troubles and challenges that loom on the horizon, Christmas has arrived at my house! 

Early in November I had all but convinced myself that I wasn’t going to put in as much time or effort as in past years, but those boxes of decorations managed to burst out of storage and I now sit here in a thoroughly decorated wonderland.  I guess Christmas has come to mean so much to me that it’s no longer just a “thing” I do….but it is part of who I am.  This holiday represents my fondest childhood memories, all tied up with the bittersweet realities of my past, present and future, and my deepest faith in Jesus Christ.   I am aware that there will come a day when Christmas will no longer be the big production it presently is in our home….but even if in the very distant future all I can manage is a shabby little Charlie Brown tree on the table…I will keep Christmas at my house.   So as Tiny Tim observed in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol….”God bless us, every one!”


Please enjoy photos of my abode!  Swannie

Christmas decorations








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