Chanson de l'Ange
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This is me performing a song from Leonard Bernstein’s MASS in my High school days.  The photo I used is my author photo and was taken in 2008.

Phantom Cake

My GORGEOUS one-of-a-kind Phantom of the Opera/The Bleeding Rose birthday cake!

my hubby

My GORGEOUS one-of-a-kind hubby!

Me and my Hubby

My hubby and me at my 55th Birthday party!

our porch

Our Front Porch

our front porch

Our humble little home: still a work in progress!

Engagement Photo

This is our engagement photo.  Gawd, was I ever that young?  And will you look at those glasses?  *horrors*  And yes, That IS my gorgeous hubby!  He was 33 and I was 22 when we were married.

Me meeting Gerard Butler in 2006

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