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Greetings fans and friends,
Before my husband’s dementia–our home was never happier than when creative projects were in the air. That is why my heart was broken yesterday, when, as my son Nathan and I were discussing and working on “The Angel’s Song” our first CD of original music under the IMMORTAL ARIA band name; my husband became very agitated and dropped his head back against the chair as careworn tears streaked his face.
The tears were because he can no longer truly participate as he once would have. Mine and Nathan’s discussions, our excitement and energy did not inspire him. Quite the opposite. He found our planning and plotting to be overwhelming and he felt left out. I turned my head so that neither he or Nathan would see my own tears.
Though my husband is present in body, in times like this it feels like the wonderful man who has always supported and encouraged Nathan and me in our creative interests, is missing. I strive to keep him informed, ask his opinions, assure him that he is part of all that we do, but he perceives moments like these as another of life’s pressures that he cannot contend with.
Nevertheless, when this CD is released, please know that my husband is directly responsible for any success Nathan and I might achieve. Bill made the decision back in 2006 to purchase everything Nathan needed to create his own music production studio, investing 20,000.00 of his own inheritance from his mother’s estate, so that Nathan would have the best equipment and software available at that time.
There were so many other projects Bill might have used that money for, but he believed with all his heart that music was IN Nathan Allen Pinard, and that music was Nathan’s best chance for a good life.
My husband tells the story of how one evening (would have been 24 years ago) when our church group was meeting in the fellowship hall, Bill wandered into the empty sanctuary to discover Nathan (13 at the time) sitting at the grand piano with his fingers stretched across the keyboard. Bill said he wasn’t actually playing, just sitting, contemplating. Bill recounts that Nathan then slowly began to improvise a song. Nathan never knew his dad was there listening. Bill quietly slipped out, came back to the fellowship hall where I was, and told me what he had seen, and that he believed Nathan had a special gift. Prior to that evening, Nathan played the clarinet in the school band, but had never expressed an interest in composing.
A week or so later, Bill took Nathan to a music store and bought him his very first keyboard. And the rest, as they say, is history!
You may now pre-order Immortal Aria’s first CD at: ?
We will be celebrating the CD release on our FB music page Friday May 6 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM.  Join us here:
Pic below: Nathan and his dad at pianist and composer, Jennifer Thomas‘ Christmas Concert last year in Seattle
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Greetings fans and friends!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer so far.  Mine has been very busy with working on CD production and still dealing with delay issues for my Chanson de l’Ange novel series.  Firstly, my publisher has run into to several formatting issues that have delayed the release date.  This has been very disappointing for us both-and it has taken a great deal of patience on my part, given that I have been working on Chanson for many years and am anxious for you all to READ THE WHOLE STORY!!!!!  The problem: My digital files were somehow  corrupted on her end.   She assures me that she is working to repair and restore these files,  meanwhile I’m keeping myself occupied by writing more songs for the Chanson de l’Ange CD.  I had not expected that we would have more than 10 tracks on the CD as originally planned, but I was inspired to include 2 additional pieces which I hope will round out the song selections.  One of the new songs is written from Raoul De Chagny’s perspective.  Raoul is a principal character in Chanson de l’Ange, so I really felt he deserved his own song.  I have not yet found the right tenor to voice him, but will be on the lookout for just the right vocalist.  The other new song that will be included on the CD is written from an older woman’s perspective as she looks back on her life.  This song portrays the wisdom she has gained through her own life experiences, and was directly influenced by a scene from my novel.  If you are over 50 you may be able to relate to “Swansong”.  Here is a snippet of the song lyric:

by Bonnie Anne Pinard
June 24, 2013

“Spring has come and gone, Autumn leaves drift behind
Summer days were golden days, when I was in my prime
Winter’s chill is setting in, now I long to turn back time

Who is that stranger in the mirror?
Was her youth a mere mirage
Beauty idolized, a photograph collage

Who is that old woman in the mirror
Time has robbed her youth
Fading pictures both lie and tell the truth

Childhood waits for the story to unfold
But the pages turn too swiftly for the old….”


If you would like to follow the CD production process more carefully, Nathan is currently working on a new website for our music production group “Immortal Aria”.  Nathan will be producing a video series to document the various stages of CD production, and we will both be blogging and interacting with fans there.  We will also be featuring interviews with our various collaborating artists so fans can get an insider’s view of the artist’s creative process and various personalities.  Nathan expects the website to go live within the next few weeks.  This website will also feature news and updates about our future projects beyond the Chanson de l’Ange CD, so stayed tuned!

If I don’t hear good new from my publisher about Chanson de l’Ange’s publication by next week-you may never hear from me again because I will have slit my throat!  Just kidding-but I may throw a major fit with swear words and object hurling!


Take care, everyone!




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Greetings fans and friends!  Just a short update to let you know that I am on the final round of the Chanson galley proofs.  Between changes with my publisher and my own chronic health issues, pills there continue to be delays, but we are very close now!  Please keep visiting this site for more updates in the coming weeks!



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Book Cover

Greetings fans and friends!  It is my greatest pleasure to announce that my complete 3 volume Phantom of the Opera based book series is now finished and has been submitted to my publisher!   As some of you know, look I began writing Chanson de l’Ange in February of 2004.  Throughout the writing process I have been hit with one challenge and crisis after another, unhealthy and there have been times when I thought Chanson would never actually be published in its complete form-but that day is just around the corner.

All I can do now is hope that I have given my readers a story with a beginning, here middle, and end that will satisfy and thrill them until the last page!  In just a few weeks Chanson will be available through on-line resources in both paperback and ebook formats!  Check back here for the soon to be announced released date!!!!

I would like to thank all my supporters, readers, and fellow fans for your interest in my books.  Some of you have been with me since February 2004 when I began posting Chanson chapter by chapter on a Gerard Butler message board-and some of you even before that via personal emails!  Had it not been for your encouragement and love of this story, I would have given up years ago!  Thank you!!!!


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My Christine (Actress Maude Fealy)

Greetings fans and friends!   I hope you are all enjoying the early spring season.  So far, ours has been quite soggy and they are predicting more of the same.  I hope it’s drier where you are!  Well, my mother is now all moved into her new assisted living home.  Watching her go through this has been a huge eye-opener for all of us as we get a true picture of what life is like for the elderly.  For a while she was refusing to eat and was becoming quite frail, and it has been a very difficult and sad experience for my mom to lose her home.  But after a few weeks of being miserable about the move and the loss of her independence, she is now adjusting and feeling much better about things. 

Her new apartment is quite spacious and very lovely, and my sisters did a wonderful job decorating it and arranging all her belongings .  She is now beginning to meet other people in residence there, and although the bad break in her shoulder will take a long time to completely heal, she is on the mend and is now able to move her arm a little.  My sister is working with her to get her sewing again…so hopefully she’ll be back to making the quilts she loves.

Meanwhile, my hubby and I are making more adjustments to accommodate the changes in our own lives as we try to make peace with the early stages of his Alzheimers.  In fact, I’m seeing some improvements in his cognitive function as we implement a few cutting edge supplemental and dietary changes in his daily routine.  Based on updated FDA warnings about statin drugs and their role in cognitive impairment, I sill believe my husband’s condition was caused by the Lovastatin he was prescribed for 10 years before the connection between statin drugs and dementia was made.  I am still hopeful that my Bill will not progress to the moderate and final stages of the disease, and despite the difficulties and disappointments of his condition, we are living our lives as if we have many more glorious years together.

Now, on to Chanson news:  The woman whose photo I’ve posted above is beautiful silent screen actress, Miss Maude Fealy.  I had originally discovered a different photo of her a few years ago (which has been previously posted here) which then became the muse for Christine in my book, but at that time I did not know who she was.  Upon discovering photos of her on Pinterest that were labeled with her name, I’ve started my own gallery of her photos, and this particular one is my favorite.  Does she not make the perfect Christine as written in my book?

I am now just ONE chapter away from being finished with revisions.  There have been MANY unavoidable interruptions…but I expect to begin submissions by May. 

To view more stunning, evocative images that will make the story come even more alive for you, please visit  Chanson de l’Ange on Pinterest

My best wishes to you all!


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