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Greetings fans and friends,
Before my husband’s dementia–our home was never happier than when creative projects were in the air. That is why my heart was broken yesterday, when, as my son Nathan and I were discussing and working on “The Angel’s Song” our first CD of original music under the IMMORTAL ARIA band name; my husband became very agitated and dropped his head back against the chair as careworn tears streaked his face.
The tears were because he can no longer truly participate as he once would have. Mine and Nathan’s discussions, our excitement and energy did not inspire him. Quite the opposite. He found our planning and plotting to be overwhelming and he felt left out. I turned my head so that neither he or Nathan would see my own tears.
Though my husband is present in body, in times like this it feels like the wonderful man who has always supported and encouraged Nathan and me in our creative interests, is missing. I strive to keep him informed, ask his opinions, assure him that he is part of all that we do, but he perceives moments like these as another of life’s pressures that he cannot contend with.
Nevertheless, when this CD is released, please know that my husband is directly responsible for any success Nathan and I might achieve. Bill made the decision back in 2006 to purchase everything Nathan needed to create his own music production studio, investing 20,000.00 of his own inheritance from his mother’s estate, so that Nathan would have the best equipment and software available at that time.
There were so many other projects Bill might have used that money for, but he believed with all his heart that music was IN Nathan Allen Pinard, and that music was Nathan’s best chance for a good life.
My husband tells the story of how one evening (would have been 24 years ago) when our church group was meeting in the fellowship hall, Bill wandered into the empty sanctuary to discover Nathan (13 at the time) sitting at the grand piano with his fingers stretched across the keyboard. Bill said he wasn’t actually playing, just sitting, contemplating. Bill recounts that Nathan then slowly began to improvise a song. Nathan never knew his dad was there listening. Bill quietly slipped out, came back to the fellowship hall where I was, and told me what he had seen, and that he believed Nathan had a special gift. Prior to that evening, Nathan played the clarinet in the school band, but had never expressed an interest in composing.
A week or so later, Bill took Nathan to a music store and bought him his very first keyboard. And the rest, as they say, is history!
You may now pre-order Immortal Aria’s first CD at: ?
We will be celebrating the CD release on our FB music page Friday May 6 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM.  Join us here:
Pic below: Nathan and his dad at pianist and composer, Jennifer Thomas‘ Christmas Concert last year in Seattle
Last Updated on Friday, 6 May 2016 10:26 fans and friends!  I have two exciting items to share with you, but first let me get to an update about the Chanson CD.  We apologize for such a long gap between postings, but we are happy to announce that as of two weeks ago-Nathan was finally able to block out time enough from his regular work schedule to resume work on the Chanson de l’Ange CD, to be released in 2014.  He is currently orchestrating That Summer By The Sea, a song I wrote in 2011 that will feature the ethereal vocals of UK artist Carrie Shaw.  This song takes us back to Christine Daae’s childhood, where we get a taste of the extraordinarily strong bond she shared with her widowed father, and where we are swept away by the magical world he created for her. 

I particularly love the antique music box sample Nathan used in the intro.  You can even hear the pings and gears!

Those of you who have read the favorably reviewed Chanson de l’Ange novel series will be able to visualize the chapters in the novel that this song depicts, and those of you who have not read the series, will, I hope, be inspired to order your own three volume set of this epic Phantom of the Opera retelling here:

Chanson de l’Ange by Paisley Swan Stewart

Nathan has given me permission to post a teaser clip of the work he has completed so far on the instrumentation for That Summer By The Sea.  Please be aware that this clip is only a partial glimpse into what the song will be like.  Nathan works in layers, so there will be more instruments and musical voicing in the final piece than what you hear in this clip, which is a sort of outline for Nathan and me to work with as we map out the song.  (Also, this is the accompaniment for about half of the actual song.)  We probably won’t share anymore of TSBTS’s progress until it is officially released.

Listen to sample:


That Summer By The Sea
Lyrics by Bonnie Anne Pinard
copyright March 24, 2011

Running along the shores, Papa’s yellow kite swirls and soars
He spins a tale, as the white gulls sail

Splashing all through the waves, exploring the pirate caves
My bucket in hand, fetching pearls from the sand

Red scarf in my hair, came loose in the wild ocean air
Beneath the sunshine, paradise was mine
That summer by the sea…

I long to return to that summer by the sea
When life was a dance for Papa and me
When he was near, I was happy and secure
All the years he’s been gone, I still hear his song.

Down we would ride to the fair, a fiddler’s tune to share
He spins a tale, as the white doves sail

Later that silver night, performing by bright moonlight
Life is enchanted, all wishes granted

Violin tucked beneath his chin, let the fairy tale begin   
The bow in his stride, plays the magic he writes

That summer by the sea…

I long to return to that summer by the sea
When life was a dance for Papa and me
When he was near, I was happy and secure
All the years he’s been gone, I still hear his song

The crowd lifts its voice to cheer, they’ve come all this  way to hear
A gypsy melody, to set their hearts free

He tucks me in at night, a story by firelight
The old wicker chair, salt breeze in his hair

Kissing me on my cheek, he sings his child to sleep,
A gypsy lullaby, ‘neath the Milkyway sky

That summer by the sea…

(instrumental interlude)
Bridge: It was snowing, the wind was blowing
That winter day, they carried him away

Come to me again, my angel, Father friend
Papa calm my fears, kiss away my tears

Oh, take me back…take me back…take me back to that summer by the sea….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


In addition to introducing you to the new song, I am pleased to present the book trailer for the Chanson de l’Ange series; produced by Nathan Allen Pinard and me.  We used a medley of orchestrations from the Chanson de l’Ange CD soundtrack for the trailer’s background music.  The trailer is being released in conjunction with the Kindle FREE Giveaway for Book One~Orphan In Winter: set for April 8-12!  So if you haven’t yet read the series-now is your chance to get started for FREE!  To get your FREE Kindle download, simply visit this link April 8-12: Orphan In Winter

Please enjoy the trailer!   ‘Like’ and comment on the youtube page to help us spread the word about Chanson de l’Ange!

Thank you for your support!  Paisley

Last Updated on Friday, 28 March 2014 10:37 The Words of Chanson de l’Ange Intricately Woven into Orchestral Works

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A good friend of ours over at wrote an article about us. Check it out here, or click on the link leading to the article at

About inRandom: “Angie and I decided to create inRandom when we wanted a place to express ourselves as mothers, as wives and as women; a place we could go to open ourselves up when the world felt claustrophobic. inRandom began as a word that referred to acts of kindness, which were without intention or expectation. Now it has expanded to encompass many things about ourselves: our stories, our hopes, our ideas, passions, beliefs and vision. “


The Words of Chanson de l’Ange Intricately Woven into Orchestral Works

Immortal Aria Logo

I believe there are people who are born to imbue us with beauty through artistic talent. As if it is a part of their nature to create the ebb and flow of the universe into something tangible that we can see, touch, smell, taste or hear. I’ve always been slightly envious of these creators, especially those that have become pieces in my life.

Nathan Pinard and I bumped into each other while I was spending time in the Machinima community where many artists used their skills to create movies from MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game). I had shared about his original pieces in Gemini Rue last year. He has a natural talent for evoking emotion through his music that is awe inspiring, but it wasn’t until he had recently asked me to take a peek at his new website that I really grasped the magnitude of his art. The soundtrack for Gemini Rue was incredible, but I honestly think that his new work for Immortal Aria brings out his essence and true artistic capabilities.

Immortal Aria is a collaboration of Nathan and Bonne Anne Pinard’s talents. Bonne Anne is not only a talented musician and songwriter, but she is also known as Paisley Swan Stewart, the author of Chanson de l’Ange – a 3 part series re-telling of Phantom of the Opera. After noticing that her son Nathan had a gift for orchestrating music, she encouraged him in his art and together they had created Immortal Aria. Their first CD, The Bleeding Rose, is based on the original songs and story from her novels.

Chanson de l’Ange novels

Vocalists & Musicians Featured on The Bleeding Rose is:

To showcase the incredible talent of Immortal Aria, here is a featured lyrical video of The Bleeding Rose, with vocalist Toni Gibson and violinist Maria Lazareva. This specific piece is inspired and based on the 2nd book in Chanson de l’Ange of the same name.

“The Bleeding Rose continues Christine’s journey into an unorthodox attachment to her invisible teacher, and a bond of obsession and music is forged as her dark Angel methodically makes himself known. Through the illusory dreams of her adolescent desires, Christine will discover that not all angels have wings and not all devils are what they seem to be…for there are two sides to the Angel’s enchanted mirror.”

I believe The Bleeding Rose orchestral and operatic piece is an elegant compliment to the inspired vision of the original Phantom of the Opera. The lyrics come directly from The Bleeding Rose novel and are sung with such poetic passion that it makes you ache. I hadn’t heard of the 3-part series until being introduced to Immortal Aria, but after hearing the words dancing in the air it makes you want to consume the story along with the music. What better way to spend an evening then reading by candlelight with a glass of wine while Immortal Aria whisks you away into some other realm of beauty?

Take a moment to listen. These are incredibly talented and gifted creators and musicians, but most endearing is that they are also family. We strive to push our children towards their dreams, to uplift and inspire them to become what they desire above all things and I feel that Bonne Anne Pinard & Nathan Pinard, with their creation of Immortal Aria, is the manifestation of that hope.

Connect: You can find more information about Immortal Aria and upcoming releases by visiting their Facebook Page and/or @ImmortalAria on Twitter. You can listen to available tracks on their Youtube Channel and find more information on the inspired novels by Paisley Swan Stewart on Chanson de l’Ange.

Purchase: You can purchase the single The Bleeding Rose on iTunes & CDBaby.

– See more at:

Last Updated on Monday, 2 September 2013 09:19

Update 11/8/12:  Sadly, my publisher’s brother lost his battle with cancer and has gone home to be with the Lord.  My condolences are with Linda and her family.

Dear Chanson fans and friends. I had hoped to announce the release date for my books this month, but due to a critical illness in my publisher’s immediate family and her need to leave town to be at her loved one’s side, Chanson will most likely not be released by Thanksgiving as we had hoped. I have decided not to stress over the release date when I have no control over these kind of situations. If we don’t make it by Christmas, it will certainly be released shortly after the first of the year. I trust you will all bear with me, and meanwhile, please keep my publisher in your thoughts and prayers. She lost her sister last year, and this is very tough for her to now see another family member going through a similar health crisis. I love all of you for hanging in there with me!

We are very involved in working on the CD and I should be making that special announcement soon.  Nathan is working on the orchestrations for 3 new songs, and will be composing a few more instrumental pieces as well.  He also has plans to release  Michele Karmin’s breathtaking recording of Firelight Through Diamonds before Christmas.


God Bless,

Last Updated on Thursday, 8 November 2012 09:50

Greetings fans and friends!  I am excited to announce that we are now in the galley proof phase toward the release of Chanson de l’Ange.  I could not be more thrilled with the work my publisher, Linda Boulanger, has done on the interior of my book.  She has made the text beautiful, with a font style that is attractive, yet easy to read-and the chapter titles are quite special.  I am currently working my fanny off on the galleys. 

In addition to work on the galleys, I was inspired to write another song for the Chanson CD.  This song will be recorded by a male vocalist who will be singing as Erik, my Phantom.  My only problem is, I do not yet have the singer!  If you know of anyone who might fit the following criteria, please have them contact me:

Here is the notice I posted on my facebook:

Wanted: Male soloist with a baritone/tenor range. Must have classically trained voice, and must be at least 30 years old (or have a mature sounding singing voice-Erik is in his late 30’s). For: to record a gorgeous aria that will be featured on the upcoming CD Chanson de l’Ange. Pay: lots of exposure and a very small fee. Other requirements: You must have access to a recording studio and you must be willing to work with myself and my son, who is the orchestrator/arranger.

Speaking of the CD, Michele Karmin sent us her recorded vocal tracks for Firelight Through Diamonds, and she sounds amazing.  Very current style and very passionate performance.  All that’s left to do on her song is the mixing.  This week Nathan will be creating a piano track for Carrie Shaw to sing with on the song That Summer By The Sea.  She asked us to send her the piano track before the song is orchestrated so that she can test the vocal range and make sure it suits her.  Once she approves of the key, Nathan will compose the accompaniment to my melody, then Carrie will record the song using Nathan’s orchestrations.  Toni Gibson‘s gorgeous and haunting recording of The Bleeding Rose is already complete.  We are now waiting for the violinist to record her part, and then onto mixing!

Note:  the Chanson de l’Ange CD will be released and sold separately


So keep visiting this site for more updates.  Michele’s song will be pre released very soon!

Now for the lyrics to the new song.  I hope you like it!


In The Mirror:  Erik’s Song for Chanson de l’Ange
by Bonnie Anne Pinard



Mercury, against a sheath of black

Mocks the image the silver echoes back

Half darkness, half light… in the mirror


Glass shatters, the soul splits apart

No hope, or joy, or light in the heart

Half human, half gargoyle…in the mirror


An instrument of cruelty
The mirror’s bitter truth
Reflecting all I am not
Reflecting dying hope, fading youth

But then I saw her…in the mirror


A song of innocence, purely born

A girl, fragile and forlorn

Half child, half woman…in the mirror


Beauty desired, a dream long denied

My joy, my love, I cannot hide

Half muse, half angel…in the mirror


An instrument  of cruelty
The mirror’s bitter truth
Reflecting all I am not
Reflecting dying hope, fading youth

But then I saw her….in the mirror


The flame is kindled, passions ignite

A spark of glory in the bleak of night

Half lover, half stranger….in the mirror


Her beauty, the light in her song

A dream where phantoms don’t belong

Her touch, her tears

Half love, half fear….in the mirror


Do I dare hope, should I dare believe?
Does the mirror speak the truth, or does it deceive?
Could she truly be mine, my lover my bride,
Or will she turn away and cast the fool aside

Will she love the half man half angel, will I finally be free,
From the beast who looks back at me….in the mirror

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