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Greetings fans and friends!  I am excited to announce that we are now in the galley proof phase toward the release of Chanson de l’Ange.  I could not be more thrilled with the work my publisher, Linda Boulanger, has done on the interior of my book.  She has made the text beautiful, with a font style that is attractive, yet easy to read-and the chapter titles are quite special.  I am currently working my fanny off on the galleys. 

In addition to work on the galleys, I was inspired to write another song for the Chanson CD.  This song will be recorded by a male vocalist who will be singing as Erik, my Phantom.  My only problem is, I do not yet have the singer!  If you know of anyone who might fit the following criteria, please have them contact me:

Here is the notice I posted on my facebook:

Wanted: Male soloist with a baritone/tenor range. Must have classically trained voice, and must be at least 30 years old (or have a mature sounding singing voice-Erik is in his late 30’s). For: to record a gorgeous aria that will be featured on the upcoming CD Chanson de l’Ange. Pay: lots of exposure and a very small fee. Other requirements: You must have access to a recording studio and you must be willing to work with myself and my son, who is the orchestrator/arranger.

Speaking of the CD, Michele Karmin sent us her recorded vocal tracks for Firelight Through Diamonds, and she sounds amazing.  Very current style and very passionate performance.  All that’s left to do on her song is the mixing.  This week Nathan will be creating a piano track for Carrie Shaw to sing with on the song That Summer By The Sea.  She asked us to send her the piano track before the song is orchestrated so that she can test the vocal range and make sure it suits her.  Once she approves of the key, Nathan will compose the accompaniment to my melody, then Carrie will record the song using Nathan’s orchestrations.  Toni Gibson‘s gorgeous and haunting recording of The Bleeding Rose is already complete.  We are now waiting for the violinist to record her part, and then onto mixing!

Note:  the Chanson de l’Ange CD will be released and sold separately


So keep visiting this site for more updates.  Michele’s song will be pre released very soon!

Now for the lyrics to the new song.  I hope you like it!


In The Mirror:  Erik’s Song for Chanson de l’Ange
by Bonnie Anne Pinard



Mercury, against a sheath of black

Mocks the image the silver echoes back

Half darkness, half light… in the mirror


Glass shatters, the soul splits apart

No hope, or joy, or light in the heart

Half human, half gargoyle…in the mirror


An instrument of cruelty
The mirror’s bitter truth
Reflecting all I am not
Reflecting dying hope, fading youth

But then I saw her…in the mirror


A song of innocence, purely born

A girl, fragile and forlorn

Half child, half woman…in the mirror


Beauty desired, a dream long denied

My joy, my love, I cannot hide

Half muse, half angel…in the mirror


An instrument  of cruelty
The mirror’s bitter truth
Reflecting all I am not
Reflecting dying hope, fading youth

But then I saw her….in the mirror


The flame is kindled, passions ignite

A spark of glory in the bleak of night

Half lover, half stranger….in the mirror


Her beauty, the light in her song

A dream where phantoms don’t belong

Her touch, her tears

Half love, half fear….in the mirror


Do I dare hope, should I dare believe?
Does the mirror speak the truth, or does it deceive?
Could she truly be mine, my lover my bride,
Or will she turn away and cast the fool aside

Will she love the half man half angel, will I finally be free,
From the beast who looks back at me….in the mirror

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Greetings fans and friends, as we wait for the publication and release of my completed 3 volume series, I thought I would discuss the future of the Chanson CD-which is STILL in pre-production.  It has taken much longer than we expected to coordinate the various artists who have been invited to contribute their talents to our project.  In addition, Nathan works a full time job, so his time has been limited.  Within the next month or so he will be moving himself and his studio to a new location here in town, but he assures me that he will begin work on the CD again once he gets settled.

The video I posted above is from Toni Gibson’s first official live concert!  I hope you will join me in congratulating her in her achievements as she maps out what I am certain will be a fabulous career!  As I have mentioned before, Toni has already recorded The Bleeding Rose for the Chanson CD and we are currently waiting for Nathan to compose and distribute the violin part to our guest violinist.  People have been asking me for a sneak peek of Toni’s recording of The Bleeding Rose, and I will say that if Nathan doesn’t get that violin part written by the end of Summer, I may decide to release the song without it.  Meanwhile, Nathan is working with Michele Karmin, another guest artist on the CD, who will be recording Firelight Through Diamonds.  Michele is set to go into the studio soon, and by September we should have her recording ready to release as the first single off the album.  I am now setting the release for the Chanson CD for Christmas of this year!

Please share Toni’s video with all your Phantomy friends-and keep an eye on this site for more updates!

Toni Gibson


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Christine Daae


I’m looking for a young female  Classical/Crossover artist in a Mezzo to Soprano range
(late teens-early 20’s) to record one song for a CD of all original music..  The CD we are creating is a soundtrack for my Phantom of the Opera based novel, Chanson de l’Ange, and the song you would be recording is called The Bleeding Rose; an original piece with words and melody written by me, and the orchestral accompaniment composed by my son.  There are no royalties involved  but I am able to pay a small one time up-front fee.  If that’s something you’d be interested in, may I suggest that you check out some of our music here: Chanson de l’Ange Music

We need someone who can record using their own equipment, and then work back and forth with my son on production via internet and digital files.

The Bleeding Rose will have a classical flavor with a few gypsy influenced instruments; Spanish guitar, accordion, gypsy violin.  It is a highly romantic and hauntingly beautiful art song.

The entire CD will feature all original music, both vocal and instrumental.  We have another song that is being recorded by an up and coming pop/R&B singer; a guest violinist, and one vocal sung by me.

We will be marketing the CD through my website and Cdbaby, and it will receive exposure primarily through Phantom of the Opera, book readers, and theater communities.

If you are interested or know of someone who might be, please contact me through the CONTACT ME link top of the page!

Thank you!


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Immortal Aria is pleased to announce that the first single from the Chanson de l’Ange CD: “The Bleeding Rose” featuring Toni Gibson is now available for download!

The Bleeding Rose features words and music by Bonnie Anne Pinard, with atmospheric orchestral accompaniment by Nathan Allen Pinard. Classical Crossover artist Toni Gibson’s haunting vocals and Maria Lazareva’s tender violin lend The Bleeding Rose a timeless beauty, reminiscent of 18th century Art Songs.








CD Official title:

Chanson de l’Ange

Original Songs Inspired by Phantom of the Opera

Featuring the voices of: Toni Gibson, Jay Weston, Michele Karmin, and Carrie Shaw, 

With songs and music by Bonnie Anne and Nathan Allen Pinard


Track Listing:

1) Orphan In Winter: an instrumental piece composed and orchestrated by Nathan Allen Pinard

2) That Summer By The Sea: words and music by Bonnie Anne Pinard, orchestration by Nathan Allen Pinard, vocal by Carrie Shaw

3) The Bleeding Rose: words and music by Bonnie Anne Pinard, arrangement by Nathan Allen Pinard, vocal by Toni Gibson, violin by Maria Lazareva

4) Waltz With Death: an instrumental piece composed and orchestrated by Nathan Allen Pinard

5) In The Mirror: words and music by Bonnie Anne Pinard, orchestrated by Nathan Allen Pinard, vocal by Jay Weston

6) Frost and Roses: an instrumental piece composed and orchestrated by Nathan Allen Pinard, featuring Maria Lazareva’s solo violin

7) Firelight Through Diamonds: words by Bonnie Anne Pinard, music by Nathan Allen Pinard, Orchestrated by Nathan Allen Pinard, vocal by Michele Karmin

8) Chanson de l’Ange: words and music by Bonnie Anne PInard, orchestrated by Nathan Allen Pinard,, vocal by: Toni Gibson

9) Worlds Apart: words by Bonnie Anne Pinard, with music and orchestration by Nathan Allen Pinard, duet by: Toni Gibson and Jay Weston

10) Christine: Instrumental piece composed and orchestrated by Nathan Allen Pinard

11) The Musician’s Daughter: words and music by Bonnie Anne Pinard and orchestration by Nathan Allen Pinard: to be recorded by tenor vocalist (we are still searching for the right voice)

12) Swansong: words and music by Bonnie Anne Pinard and orchestration by Nathan Allen Pinard: vocal by Bonnie Anne Pinard



List of our vocalists and musicians:

The Bleeding Rose, Worlds Apart, and the Chanson de l’Ange aria  will be performed by Classical Crossover artist Toni Gibson

In The Mirror and the Worlds Apart duet will be performed by Australian Tenor Jay Weston

Jay Weston

Firelight Through Diamonds will be performed by contemporary artist Michele Karmin

That Summer by the Sea will be recorded by UK  singer-songwriter  Carrie Shaw

Carrie Shaw

Our solo violinist Maria Lazareva, will perform on several tracks: Maria Lazareva



Romeo Knight
Guest Guitarist/Bassist


Image of Romeo Knight

Romeo Knight (aka Eike Steffen) is a versatile composer, sound designer and audio engineer. In the late 80’s he gained high recognition for his compositions for the Amiga demo scene followed by work for the Amiga and PC game industry.
After obtaining his SAE Audio Engineering diploma, he started working for the advertising industry and by mid-2000 was running his own studio facility producing thousands of commercials for known brands such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Nokia, Porsche and many more. Romeo Knight’s well-rounded composition and music production skills derive from his comprehensive musical education and experience in various styles with twelve years of classical training on clarinet (including performances with the local youth symphony orchestra), as well as extensive live and studio performances as a guitarist and bass player with a variety of bands since 1995.


The downloadable tracks and CDs will be made available for purchase upon completion in a few months.  Meanwhile, we give you these samples: composed and orchestrated by Nathan Allen Pinard.  Enjoy!

Waltz with Death by Nathan Allen Pinard

Orphan In Winter by Nathan Allen Pinard



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