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Greetings fans and friends!  I just completed revisions on Chanson de l’Ange!  However, there is still more work to be done before submission can begin.  I have more work to do on the covers, and there are some formatting issues that need to be addressed on my end before I send the revised manuscript to my publisher.  Meanwhile, I am posting a tiny snippet of a scene from Book 4 for my readers and fans!   Hope it grabs your attention!

This excerpt is from Book 3:

“Recoiling in shock, Angelique and the audience saw for the first time that Papillon was not the angel he had claimed to be, nor was he even a man.  He was in fact, part angel and part gargoyle, with the sculpted torso and muscled legs of a tall, handsome human male, but having sharp talons in the place of smooth hands.  His skin was nearly white and he was bare-chested, with his loins girded by a skirting of silver chain mail and lunar moth wings.  Half of his face was strikingly good looking and resembled the marble features of the great god Apollo, but the other half was hideous, with a gargoyle’s scaly black visage and a yellow eye.  His hair was thick and fell to his shoulders in silvery-white waves, and bony protrusions stuck out from either side of his head like a devil’s horns.  Silvery-white webbed bat wings fanned out behind him, and he stood proudly on cloven hooves, a prince of the underworld.”

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