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Swannie in her new hat!

(this hat was made for me by sister Reba!  One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year!)

So…..what did you get for Christmas?????

Greetings fans and friends!  I hope this New Years Eve finds you recounting all the blessing in your life, and if your 2011 was miserable….then may I say along with you…good riddance, 2011!   With all the upheaval in our world, I pray that you and your loved ones have managed to establish your own little “postage stamp of peace”  regardless of the insanity that has become planet earth.  Throughout this holiday season as my family has been grappling with one personal crisis after another, I am thankful to have a hand full of very close friends who always stand beside me, and I am thankful to have a very great love…a love that many never find in all their lifetime.  I am also thankful that despite my own weaknesses, fears, and shortcomings….my faith in God somehow remains, even though at times it seems a puny, inadequate thing.  In times like these when all is being shaken around me, I reflect that I do not live by my own faith….but by the faith OF Jesus Christ.  The very same faith that rose him from the dead is the faith that upholds me.

And so, we….you and I, will move onto the next year not knowing what is to come.  Know however, that after taking a much needed break from revisions,  this author is back to work on the revised Chanson de l’Ange 4 part series, and it is my aim to bring this series to its completion and publication early this year.  At the time of release, the Chanson series will be available in both paper back and ebook format, so please keep checking the site for updates…and thank you so much to those of you who have been sending me kind, uplifting, and encouraging emails and messages.


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