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Toni Gibson


Click: Toni Gibson: She’s Like A Swallow


Please enjoy this gorgeous official video of “She’s Like A Swallow” from Toni Gibson’s forthcoming debut CD!   “Like” the video on youtube and share it with your friends.  We are so honored that Toni will be featured on 3 tracks for the Chanson de l’Ange CD!

You may follow Toni’s journey to international recognition by visiting her website:  Toni Gibson


CD cover

Last Updated on Sunday, 17 March 2013 07:47

Greetings fans and friends, as we wait for the publication and release of my completed 3 volume series, I thought I would discuss the future of the Chanson CD-which is STILL in pre-production.  It has taken much longer than we expected to coordinate the various artists who have been invited to contribute their talents to our project.  In addition, Nathan works a full time job, so his time has been limited.  Within the next month or so he will be moving himself and his studio to a new location here in town, but he assures me that he will begin work on the CD again once he gets settled.

The video I posted above is from Toni Gibson’s first official live concert!  I hope you will join me in congratulating her in her achievements as she maps out what I am certain will be a fabulous career!  As I have mentioned before, Toni has already recorded The Bleeding Rose for the Chanson CD and we are currently waiting for Nathan to compose and distribute the violin part to our guest violinist.  People have been asking me for a sneak peek of Toni’s recording of The Bleeding Rose, and I will say that if Nathan doesn’t get that violin part written by the end of Summer, I may decide to release the song without it.  Meanwhile, Nathan is working with Michele Karmin, another guest artist on the CD, who will be recording Firelight Through Diamonds.  Michele is set to go into the studio soon, and by September we should have her recording ready to release as the first single off the album.  I am now setting the release for the Chanson CD for Christmas of this year!

Please share Toni’s video with all your Phantomy friends-and keep an eye on this site for more updates!

Toni Gibson


Last Updated on Monday, 2 July 2012 12:42

Greetings fans and friends!   Just a quick update.  My sisters and I are in the middle of packing up my mother’s house and moving her to a lovely assisted living “resort”.   We call it a resort because it has EVERYTHING on site that a person could want.  We made this decision very quickly last week after my mother had another fall and badly broke her harm.  We agonized about our decision but it seems the best place for her.  She won’t be so isolated and will have lots of opportunities to socialize.  She even told us that she would get to wear all her pretty clothes again to go to dinner each night.  This statement was a relief, as she has barely been eating lately.  It has been an extremely stressful and heartbreaking experience packing up her things, because she is downsizing from a large 3 bedroom home to a small but very nice 2 bedroom apartment.  Sadly, we cannot fit all her belongings in the new place, so a very large estate sale is forthcoming.  My mother is now in the early stages of dementia but rapidly declining, so at least we can be assured that she is safe and will be moved to the memory care unit when the need arises.

Somehow I’ve been able to keep up revisions and am happy to report that I have only 4 more chapters left to revise!  I confess there are days when I don’t have the energy to work on Chanson, but I do when my brain is working well and when I’m not so stressed.  Also, I hope you will all visit my boards on Pinterest where I have been pinning images that pertain to Chanson de l’Ange, my retelling of Phantom of the Opera.  There are some hints about what is to come in the revised 4 part series, so check it out! (no spoilers though)   Here is one of the images from my Pinterest board:


And here is the link where you can see much more:  Chanson de l’Ange Pinterest



Last Updated on Sunday, 4 March 2012 11:47

Swannie in her new hat!

(this hat was made for me by sister Reba!  One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year!)

So…..what did you get for Christmas?????

Greetings fans and friends!  I hope this New Years Eve finds you recounting all the blessing in your life, and if your 2011 was miserable….then may I say along with you…good riddance, 2011!   With all the upheaval in our world, I pray that you and your loved ones have managed to establish your own little “postage stamp of peace”  regardless of the insanity that has become planet earth.  Throughout this holiday season as my family has been grappling with one personal crisis after another, I am thankful to have a hand full of very close friends who always stand beside me, and I am thankful to have a very great love…a love that many never find in all their lifetime.  I am also thankful that despite my own weaknesses, fears, and shortcomings….my faith in God somehow remains, even though at times it seems a puny, inadequate thing.  In times like these when all is being shaken around me, I reflect that I do not live by my own faith….but by the faith OF Jesus Christ.  The very same faith that rose him from the dead is the faith that upholds me.

And so, we….you and I, will move onto the next year not knowing what is to come.  Know however, that after taking a much needed break from revisions,  this author is back to work on the revised Chanson de l’Ange 4 part series, and it is my aim to bring this series to its completion and publication early this year.  At the time of release, the Chanson series will be available in both paper back and ebook format, so please keep checking the site for updates…and thank you so much to those of you who have been sending me kind, uplifting, and encouraging emails and messages.


Last Updated on Saturday, 31 December 2011 06:51


Dear fans and friends, as you may have noticed, it has been a while since I posted a new blog on my site-but just as Autumn brings changes to our Summer gardens, so has this Autumn brought about many changes in the lives of my loved ones.  It has been a season of turmoil, and regrettably that has directly impacted my ability to finish up revisions on the revised Chanson de l’Ange series in time for release this year.  Therefore, the release has been moved into early 2012.

My mother was just diagnosed with dementia, so the family is not only dealing with her decline, but also the fallout from family skeletons, recently unearthed in the wake of my mother’s worsening condition.  Moreover, another close family member has been struggling with serious mental health issues, so I’m afraid most of my energy has been geared toward making myself available to my family.  But despite these significant setbacks, I have been enjoying a beautiful Autumn here in the NW, and have been snapping photos to capture some of those special moments.  Please enjoy the photos posted  below and have a lovely Thanksgiving!



Taken from inside my house.  Hubby raking leaves!



Our front porch on Halloween!



My cat Nicodemus!



Hubby on a walk in Columbia Park near our home.

Hubby on a walk in Columbia park


Columbia Park near our home

Columbia Park


More from Columbia Park

Columbia Park


Random people in the park

Columbia Park


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