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Greetings fans and friends,
Before my husband’s dementia–our home was never happier than when creative projects were in the air. That is why my heart was broken yesterday, when, as my son Nathan and I were discussing and working on “The Angel’s Song” our first CD of original music under the IMMORTAL ARIA band name; my husband became very agitated and dropped his head back against the chair as careworn tears streaked his face.
The tears were because he can no longer truly participate as he once would have. Mine and Nathan’s discussions, our excitement and energy did not inspire him. Quite the opposite. He found our planning and plotting to be overwhelming and he felt left out. I turned my head so that neither he or Nathan would see my own tears.
Though my husband is present in body, in times like this it feels like the wonderful man who has always supported and encouraged Nathan and me in our creative interests, is missing. I strive to keep him informed, ask his opinions, assure him that he is part of all that we do, but he perceives moments like these as another of life’s pressures that he cannot contend with.
Nevertheless, when this CD is released, please know that my husband is directly responsible for any success Nathan and I might achieve. Bill made the decision back in 2006 to purchase everything Nathan needed to create his own music production studio, investing 20,000.00 of his own inheritance from his mother’s estate, so that Nathan would have the best equipment and software available at that time.
There were so many other projects Bill might have used that money for, but he believed with all his heart that music was IN Nathan Allen Pinard, and that music was Nathan’s best chance for a good life.
My husband tells the story of how one evening (would have been 24 years ago) when our church group was meeting in the fellowship hall, Bill wandered into the empty sanctuary to discover Nathan (13 at the time) sitting at the grand piano with his fingers stretched across the keyboard. Bill said he wasn’t actually playing, just sitting, contemplating. Bill recounts that Nathan then slowly began to improvise a song. Nathan never knew his dad was there listening. Bill quietly slipped out, came back to the fellowship hall where I was, and told me what he had seen, and that he believed Nathan had a special gift. Prior to that evening, Nathan played the clarinet in the school band, but had never expressed an interest in composing.
A week or so later, Bill took Nathan to a music store and bought him his very first keyboard. And the rest, as they say, is history!
You may now pre-order Immortal Aria’s first CD at: ?
We will be celebrating the CD release on our FB music page Friday May 6 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM.  Join us here:
Pic below: Nathan and his dad at pianist and composer, Jennifer Thomas‘ Christmas Concert last year in Seattle
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A good friend of ours over at wrote an article about us. Check it out here, or click on the link leading to the article at

About inRandom: “Angie and I decided to create inRandom when we wanted a place to express ourselves as mothers, as wives and as women; a place we could go to open ourselves up when the world felt claustrophobic. inRandom began as a word that referred to acts of kindness, which were without intention or expectation. Now it has expanded to encompass many things about ourselves: our stories, our hopes, our ideas, passions, beliefs and vision. “


The Words of Chanson de l’Ange Intricately Woven into Orchestral Works

Immortal Aria Logo

I believe there are people who are born to imbue us with beauty through artistic talent. As if it is a part of their nature to create the ebb and flow of the universe into something tangible that we can see, touch, smell, taste or hear. I’ve always been slightly envious of these creators, especially those that have become pieces in my life.

Nathan Pinard and I bumped into each other while I was spending time in the Machinima community where many artists used their skills to create movies from MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game). I had shared about his original pieces in Gemini Rue last year. He has a natural talent for evoking emotion through his music that is awe inspiring, but it wasn’t until he had recently asked me to take a peek at his new website that I really grasped the magnitude of his art. The soundtrack for Gemini Rue was incredible, but I honestly think that his new work for Immortal Aria brings out his essence and true artistic capabilities.

Immortal Aria is a collaboration of Nathan and Bonne Anne Pinard’s talents. Bonne Anne is not only a talented musician and songwriter, but she is also known as Paisley Swan Stewart, the author of Chanson de l’Ange – a 3 part series re-telling of Phantom of the Opera. After noticing that her son Nathan had a gift for orchestrating music, she encouraged him in his art and together they had created Immortal Aria. Their first CD, The Bleeding Rose, is based on the original songs and story from her novels.

Chanson de l’Ange novels

Vocalists & Musicians Featured on The Bleeding Rose is:

To showcase the incredible talent of Immortal Aria, here is a featured lyrical video of The Bleeding Rose, with vocalist Toni Gibson and violinist Maria Lazareva. This specific piece is inspired and based on the 2nd book in Chanson de l’Ange of the same name.

“The Bleeding Rose continues Christine’s journey into an unorthodox attachment to her invisible teacher, and a bond of obsession and music is forged as her dark Angel methodically makes himself known. Through the illusory dreams of her adolescent desires, Christine will discover that not all angels have wings and not all devils are what they seem to be…for there are two sides to the Angel’s enchanted mirror.”

I believe The Bleeding Rose orchestral and operatic piece is an elegant compliment to the inspired vision of the original Phantom of the Opera. The lyrics come directly from The Bleeding Rose novel and are sung with such poetic passion that it makes you ache. I hadn’t heard of the 3-part series until being introduced to Immortal Aria, but after hearing the words dancing in the air it makes you want to consume the story along with the music. What better way to spend an evening then reading by candlelight with a glass of wine while Immortal Aria whisks you away into some other realm of beauty?

Take a moment to listen. These are incredibly talented and gifted creators and musicians, but most endearing is that they are also family. We strive to push our children towards their dreams, to uplift and inspire them to become what they desire above all things and I feel that Bonne Anne Pinard & Nathan Pinard, with their creation of Immortal Aria, is the manifestation of that hope.

Connect: You can find more information about Immortal Aria and upcoming releases by visiting their Facebook Page and/or @ImmortalAria on Twitter. You can listen to available tracks on their Youtube Channel and find more information on the inspired novels by Paisley Swan Stewart on Chanson de l’Ange.

Purchase: You can purchase the single The Bleeding Rose on iTunes & CDBaby.

– See more at:

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Greetings fans and friends!  Nathan and I are thrilled to announce that our new music website Immortal Aria has launched!  Please visit our site to keep up with all the exciting news about the Chanson de l’Ange CD!

I am also happy to share with you the full lyrics video for The Bleeding Rose, the first single from our CD!  Those of you who have read the original unrevised Book One will no doubt recognize that I took these song lyrics  right out of the pages of Chanson de l’Ange.  The song Erik plays on the violin in the cemetery, and the song Christine learned from her father as a little girl.  Please share with your friends and leave a comment on our youtube page.


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Jay Weston

Immortal Aria is very pleased to announce that Jay Weston has agreed to jump on board the Chanson de l’Ange CD as our only male vocalist. He will be recording two songs; a modern aria called “In The Mirror” and the gothic/pop/rock duet with Toni Gibson “Worlds Apart”. We believe Jay possesses exactly the right vocal quality and work ethic for our project, and we are honored by this exciting collaboration.

From his bio: Jay is one of the brightest emerging talents on the Australian music scene. Originally from Perth, this young entertainer has had many years of experience in numerous opera and theatre productions nationally and internationally.

Discovering an early passion for music, he began playing the keyboard at ten and at thirteen was awarded a musical scholarship, commencing training at Perth Modern School. He continued his studies and went on to complete a Bachelor of Music (Classical) at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Having studied for a further year, he was recently awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Opera Performance, including the Academic Award of Excellence from Queensland Conservatorium of Music.

Jay is a tenor capable of a wide variety of styles, including Opera, Musical Theatre, classical and contemporary music. Previous performances include the Mikado with the Queensland Opera Company, Lohengrin with the Australian Opera Company at the Sydney Opera House and various productions with the Brisbane Conservatorium of Music.

View the video to hear his voice:


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Greetings fans and friends!  I would like to update as you as to what is happening with the Chanson Book Series and the CD project.  Much work is going on behind the scenes, both with the publication and release of the Chanson de l’Ange 3 part series, and the CD featuring original music inspired by the series.  I am currently working on the galley proof for book 3, coordinating with my publisher toward the long awaited release date.  As you know, she had to delay her work on Chanson for a while due to a family tragedy, but is now actively moving me closer to my target.  Although I am confident the release for Chanson is no more than than 3 full months away, I will not be announcing the official date until I can be certain that both my publisher and I can meet that deadline.    So here is where we stand with what is left to do:

More work on galley proofs for all 3 books: a grueling process of my edits and changes, then her team revising, then returning to me for further rounds until we get it right.

Once the galley proof phase is accomplished, we finish up the book cover designs.

The final step will for my publisher to submit the books for both Epub and paperback formats-then we announce the release date!

Work on the CD is going extremely well.  Nathan Allen Pinard recently completed the orchestral track for the new song we composed entitled: Worlds Apart.  It is a duet that will feature the voices of Toni Gibson and the tenor whose name we cannot yet announce.  The track also features a driving rock guitar solo by accomplished musician, Romeo Knight.  Toni is already working on her vocals for the track, as well as preparing to record the Chanson de l’Ange aria.  Meanwhile, Nathan has started work on In The Mirror, the Classical Crossover song I composed that is meant to be sung by the Phantom.  (to be recorded by the tenor we are hoping to announce soon.)  Following completion of In The Mirror, Nathan will then move on to composing the orchestration for That Summer By The Sea, written by me, and to be recorded by UK artist, Carrie Shaw. 

I am hoping Nathan will very soon release at least a small clip of Toni’s gorgeous recording of The Bleeding Rose.  We are so anxious to share our work with you!

So please continue to visit my site here for more updates and possible sneak peeks of our progress!  Blessings and love to all!

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