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1149653_610336792386394_1511542587_oGreetings Phantom of the Opera fans!

First off, I’m pleased to announce that Book One of my 3 part Phantom of the Opera based novel series is now available for  FREE Kindle download: April 8-12, so be sure and get yours today!

Free on Kindle: Book One~Orphan in Winter

As a longtime fan of The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, and as a lover of many other Phantom of the Opera adaptations in book, film, and stage-I am always excited when new Phantom of the Opera-based projects arrive on the scene!  I’m especially excited when these projects are conceptualized by independent artists who possess the talent and courage to breathe new life into my favorite story.

I am excited to inform you about an “in development” Phantom of the Opera project I recently became aware of.  A talented group of animators are working on a full-length animated adaptation of the Gaston Leroux’s classic.  The animators are promising to create a Leroux accurate animated film, and are eager to please the fans in remaining faithful to Leroux in all aspects of the beloved novel: character development, facial features, clothing, the selection of voice actors, as well as the artwork and storyline.

The production team is asking for your feedback and YOUR financial commitment through their Kickstarter campaign, where fans may pledge their financial support and submit  suggestions, as they become partners in getting this production to the big screen!  Like all independent filmmakers, the artists behind this film are not being backed by a large studio, so they require the help of supporters to develop and promote this ambitious and visionary project.

Please take a look at the beautifully put together Kickstarter page for more detailed information about how YOU can get involved!

Animated Phantom of the Opera Kickstarter

The Phantom Animated Website

You must take a look at their beautiful film trailer!  Leave a comment and ‘like’ the video on the youtube page to help spread the word:

Samples of artwork :





















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Greetings fans and friends!   Just a quick update.  My sisters and I are in the middle of packing up my mother’s house and moving her to a lovely assisted living “resort”.   We call it a resort because it has EVERYTHING on site that a person could want.  We made this decision very quickly last week after my mother had another fall and badly broke her harm.  We agonized about our decision but it seems the best place for her.  She won’t be so isolated and will have lots of opportunities to socialize.  She even told us that she would get to wear all her pretty clothes again to go to dinner each night.  This statement was a relief, as she has barely been eating lately.  It has been an extremely stressful and heartbreaking experience packing up her things, because she is downsizing from a large 3 bedroom home to a small but very nice 2 bedroom apartment.  Sadly, we cannot fit all her belongings in the new place, so a very large estate sale is forthcoming.  My mother is now in the early stages of dementia but rapidly declining, so at least we can be assured that she is safe and will be moved to the memory care unit when the need arises.

Somehow I’ve been able to keep up revisions and am happy to report that I have only 4 more chapters left to revise!  I confess there are days when I don’t have the energy to work on Chanson, but I do when my brain is working well and when I’m not so stressed.  Also, I hope you will all visit my boards on Pinterest where I have been pinning images that pertain to Chanson de l’Ange, my retelling of Phantom of the Opera.  There are some hints about what is to come in the revised 4 part series, so check it out! (no spoilers though)   Here is one of the images from my Pinterest board:


And here is the link where you can see much more:  Chanson de l’Ange Pinterest



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Ever had a mundane experience or moment that led to a significant self discovery?  This happened to me on the way back from my husband’s doctor’s appointment.  Portland awoke to a thick veil of fog this morning.  I’ve never liked fog.  I don’t like it because it makes feel claustrophobic.  Fog gives me the sense of being hemmed in on all sides, and that makes me edgy.

This morning as we were headed over the bridge onto the freeway, because we were near the river, the fog was particularly heavy.  As I looked into the traffic ahead of us, I began to experience a slightly panicky sensation and remarked to my husband, “I don’t like not knowing what lies ahead.”   To this my husband commented that as long as he could see the red tail lights 150 feet in front of us,  there was nothing to worry about.  Yet to me, the cars in the distance seemed so far away that it “felt” like we were heading into a void.  You could not see the structure of the bridge around us nor over us, and the road seemed to disappear into a wall of gray, with no sign of the river or city below.  It was then that I said to my husband, “I just had an epiphany!  Being afraid of going over this bridge in the fog is the story of my life!  Instead of focusing on what I can see ahead of me, I tend to focus on all the ‘negative space’ that makes me afraid of what I can’t see.” ….. (to read entire article, click the MORE button)

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Chanson Book 2

With Christmas 2010 fading into a glowing and happy memory, we now anticipate 2011!  I have not yet even taken down my Christmas decorations, but already I am excited about the release of Book Two~The Angel’s Song, as well as the release of the CD featuring original music composed by my son, Nathan Allen Pinard!  Both will be available to purchase in Spring of 2011!  In anticipation of this event, just for you, my faithful readers, I am posting the following excerpt from Book Two.  Hopefully this will whet your appetite for more!!!  Please note that this excerpt falls somewhere near the middle of the book.


Chanson de l’Ange
by Paisley Swan Stewart
Excerpt From Book Two~The Angel’s Song

Her words ricocheted like a gunshot in his mind, and he gasped audibly as if she had struck him a physical blow.  He gently relaxed his grip, lowering her down to her feet, as his mirth dissolved with the sight of her flaming cheeks and streaming tears.  Reaching out with the back of his hand, he brushed a tangle of damp curls away from her forehead, ashamed of himself for her miserable state.

He had not intended to humiliate his beloved, but he was desperate to prolong their time together.  Even in battle and at odds with each other, every moment spent with her was a revelation.  Just to see her there in his home once again; to hear her voice and to touch her body…but he had allowed things to spin out of control and his amusement had been at her expense.

“My apologies, Christine,” he said with a stiff bow, tipping the brim of his fedora formally.  “You are absolutely correct.  I destroyed your home, and I shall atone for that monumental sin for the rest of my life, as well as other sins you know nothing of.”

Taking a step backward, Erik drew his hand up to smooth a strand of coarse wig-hair behind his ear.  He quietly regarded Christine, licked his lips and continued in a softer voice, “I dare not ask your forgiveness, for I do not deserve it,” he calmly admitted.  “There may come a day when God exacts punishment upon me for my misdeeds, and I’ll not begrudge Him the right to do with me as He sees fit.  Nevertheless, my dear, I shall not add your ruin to my list of crimes.  I mean to get you out of here before your fiance realizes that you are with me.  Do not underestimate his devotion, Christine.  He will come after you,” he remarked, stroking his chin in contemplation of what violence de Chagny might resort to… (click the MORE button to read entire article)

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Gustave Daae

Greetings fans and friends!  Shortly after my book was released, I ordered 25 author copies to sell directly to my customers.  It never occurred to me that folks might want to purchase copies as Christmas gifts, so when I sold through those 25 copies last week, I realized that I would have no more for the holidays.  I should have placed an order a couple of months ago, but I wasn’t thinking that far ahead.  Anyhow, I did place a new order today and will be receiving the shipment in a couple of weeks.  For those of you who are interested in purchasing a signed copy directly from me, email me through the contact link at the top of this page.

Thanks to those of you who continue to purchase Chanson.  I am using my first royalty check (received today) to promote my book and to try some new marketing strategies . I figure it’s wise to invest the $$$ back into my business, rather than spending it on something frivolous!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your preparations for Thanksgiving!


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